How to unzip the files?

When you download one file, it will come in .zip format. You will have to unzip it. In the unzipped file, you will find four formats – SVG, DXF, PNG, and EPS.

  • PC: Right-click on the zip file and click “Unzip” or “Extract” (depending on your computer)
  • MAC: Simply double-click on the zip file and it will unzip.
  • Android: Select the file and click on ‘Extract.’ Import to software app and use.
  • iPhone: Download app ‘iZip’ from App Store. Unzip the file using the app. Import it into software app.

What is the file type of your designs ?

Our files come in four formats. DXF, SVG, PNG & EPS. You will find these formats in the zip file you download. At times, the SVG file has browser (Chrome or Internet Explorer) icon. You need to upload that in your software.

Are your designs Smooth ?

YES, all the vectors are smoothed and free of crossed paths.

Are your designs resizable ?

YES, all our designs are scalable and resizable for any dimensions you need using any vector program,

Are your designs instantly Downloadable ?

YES, all our designs are digital files available for download immediately after finishing your checkout. You will get a link to download the files. Only the custom designs or if you need custom change (adding words or numbers or any small change to one of our designs) will need time to finish the required design and send it for you. This may take about 2-6 days and you will confirm you satisfied with the designs before checkout.

Do you offer discounts for customers who purchase big quantities of SVG ?

Of course. If you’re interested in such a discount, contact us at [email protected]